My thoughts on Ankie Bagger

After becoming a fan of Swedish pop duo Lili & Susie, it didn’t take me long to discover their backup singer and dancer Ankie Bagger. When I read that she had released solo music as well, I traced down a vinyl copy of her debut album “Where Were You Last Night”.

I instantly fell in love with the cool euro disco sound and Ankie’s lovely voice. Not long after, I managed to find the album on CD and it’s one of the most cherished records in my collection.

A couple of years later I found Ankie’s second album “From The Heart” on CD at a record fair in Stockholm. When listening to it, I suddenly remembered that I had heard the track “Bang Bang” as a kid.

I like both of Ankie’s studio albums a lot, even if I prefer the more electronic sound of the first one. I really wish Ankie would record a brand new dance-pop album. Her fans really miss her.

My favourite Ankie Bagger tracks are “Where Were You Last Night”, “Here I Go Again”, “People Say It’s In The Air”, “Every Day Every Hour”, “Don’t You Know Don’t You Know” and “How Can I Say I’m Sorry”.