Lili & Susie – Let Us Dance! A Remix Retrospective


Album (1989)

1. Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More
2. Oh Mama (Euro Mix Edit)
3. Om Du Kan (Ny Version)
4. Girl With A Broken Heart (Action Avenue Mix)
5. Okey, Okey! (Club Mix Edit)
6. Sommar Inatt (Ny Version)
7. We Were Only Dancing (Kiss And Dance Mix Edit)
8. Sending Out A Message (Kissing The Alien Mix)
9. Bara Du Och Jag (Ny Version)
10. Robert And Marie (Returned To Sender Mix)

Notes: Some of the mixes are edited from the original 12″ versions. “Okey, Okey! (Club Mix)” features both Swedish and English lyrics. The album was also released in Japan with a different cover.