Lili & Susie – Nu Och Då – Det Bästa Med Lili & Susie


Album (2009)

1. Show Me Heaven
2. Oh Mama
3. Boyfriend
4. Ride On My Love
5. Sending Out A Message
6. Robert And Marie
7. Samma Tid, Samma Plats
8. Bara Du Och Jag
9. Tease Me
10. Where Eagles Fly
11. Om Du Kan
12. Enkel Resa
13. Nothing Could Be Better
14. Okey, Okey!
15. What’s The Colour Of Love
16. Turn To Me
17. We Were Only Dancing
18. Something In Your Eyes
19. Sommar Inatt

Notes: This compilation was released following the success of Lili & Susie’s comeback in Melodifestivalen. It features three new songs: “Show Me Heaven”, “Tease Me” and “Turn To Me”. The latter is a cover of a song recorded by Mikael Rickfors in 1983.