Lili & Susie – The Collection 85-93


Compilation (1993)

1. I Believe In Good Things (1993 Remix)
2. Boyfriend
3. Om Du Kan
4. Bara Du Och Jag
5. Where Eagles Fly
6. Nothing Could Be Better
7. Robert And Marie
8. Something In Your Eyes (7″ Remix)
9. All You Can Say Is Goodbye (Shortened Version)
10. Sommar Inatt
11. Stjärnljus
12. Oh Mama
13. Ride On My Love
14. Evelyn (Liberation Mix)
15. Give The Night To You
17. What’s The Colour Of Love
18. Mega Mix

Notes: “Mega Mix” features snippets of “We Were Only Dancing”, “Oh Mama”, “Okey, Okey!”, “Boyfriend”, “Let’s Have A Party”, “What’s The Colour Of Love” and “Where Eagles Fly”.