Lili & Susie – The Sisters


Album (1990)

1. Boyfriend
2. Can’t Let You Go
3. Can You Keep A Secret?
4. Evelyn
5. What’s The Colour Of Love
6. Only Your Heart
7. Only You
8. Something In Your Eyes
9. Nothing Could Be Better Tonight
10. Love Makes The World Spin Around
11. What’s The Colour Of Love (Clubmix)
12. Boyfriend (12″ Club Version)

Notes: Tracks 11 and 12 are only available on the CD edition. “Only Your Heart” was previously recorded by Pernilla Wahlgren in 1987. “What’s The Colour Of Love (Clubmix)” is incorrectly listed as “What’s The Colour Of Love (Remixed By Per Adebratt)”. “Boyfriend (12″ Club Version)” is incorrectly listed as “Boyfriend (Remixed By Per Adebratt)”.