My thoughts on Lili & Susie

I was born in 1984 so I don’t remember much of the eighties. But I’m making up for that now. I remember having a poster of Lili & Susie in my room, sometime in the early nineties, though I’m not sure if I had heard any of their songs.

Many years later, in the year 2000, I discovered and fell in love with eighties pop and disco music, and I suddenly remembered Lili & Susie from my childhood. I found their 1987 album “Dance Romance” on vinyl in a shop and instanly fell in love with the electronic euro disco sound of “Oh Mama”. I was hooked!

I started collecting everything Lili & Susie, and every time I found one of their records, I was in heaven. Today, I’m proud to say that I have all of their rare albums on CD. Lili & Susie’s music always cheers me up. It’s the perfect mix of dance, pop and euro disco. I also love the girls’ voices and their involvement with animal rights.

I was so happy when Lili & Susie made their big comeback in Melodifestivalen 2009, and I’ve had the honour of helping them run their official Facebook page since then. Both girls are really sweet and talented, and I’m so glad they’re recording together again.

My favourite album by Lili & Susie is “Anytime” from 1988. It’s the perfect euro disco album. I love most of their songs but my personal favourites are “Oh Mama”, “We Were Only Dancing”, “Candy Love”, “Girl With A Broken Heart”, “Kärleken Känns”, “Tokyo”, “Stay”, “Can’t Let You Go”, “Let Us Dance Just A Little Bit More” and “What’s The Colour Of Love”.

Me hanging out with Lili & Susie in 2015.