Mandy Smith – Mandy (1993 Reissue)


Album (1993)

1. Stay With Me Tonight
2. I Just Can’t Wait
3. Victim Of Pleasure
4. Duel
5. Boys And Girls
6. Mandy’s Theme Part 1
7. If It Makes You Feel Good
8. Positive Reaction
9. Say It’s Love (Love House)
10. He’s My Boy
11. You’re Never Alone
12. Mandy’s Theme Part 2
13. Positive Reaction (Our Mandy’s Extended Mix)
14. Say It’s Love (Love House) (Xtra Beat This Mix)
15. If It Makes You Feel Good (Extended Version)
16. Don’t You Want Me Baby (Cocktail Mix)
17. Positive Reaction (A Man Das Extended Mix)

Notes: This reissue was only released in Japan.