Mel & Kim biography

Mel & Kim was a British pop duo consisting of sisters Melanie and Kim Appleby. Kim was born on August 28, 1961, and Melanie on July 11, 1966. They released their debut single “Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)” in 1986 and it was an instant hit.

The single was followed by two more hit singles: “Respectable” and “F.L.M.”, both released the following year. 1987 also saw the release of Mel & Kim’s first and only studio album, “F.L.M.”, completely written and produced by hit factory team Stock Aitken Waterman.

“I’m The One Who Really Loves You” was released as a single, but only in the US, where it was a hit on the dance chart. But Mel & Kim suddenly disappeared from the spotlight, leaving fans wondering where they were.

Eventually, it was revealed that Mel was suffering from cancer. Despite her illness, Mel discharged herself from the hospital to record the duo’s next single, “That’s The Way It Is”. It was released in 1988 and became their final hit.

Mel passed away on January 18, 1990, just twenty-three years old, leaving fans all over the world devastated. But the duo’s music lived on and Mel & Kim still have a huge fan following.

Kim launched a successful solo career, recording some of the songs co-written by Mel, intended for Mel & Kim’s second studio album. She scored hits with the singles “Don’t Worry”, “G.L.A.D.” and “Mama”. For more information about Kim Appleby, check out her official website.

© Dennis Alexis Hellstöm