Selena biography

When most people hear the name Selena, they think of latin pop singer Selena Quintanilla, who tragically died in 1995. But there was another artist called Selena, a euro disco singer from The Netherlands.

Selena was born Sabina Brons on August 9, 1965. She started her singing career as the vocalist on Big Bang’s 1987 single “Running In A Circle”. Later that year, she released her debut solo single “Shotgun”. It was a big hit in her native country and a club hit all over Europe.

The follow-up singles “So Far Away” (1988) and “Timebomb” (1989) also fared well in Europe, especially in The Netherlands. The latter single was especially remixed by Ian Levine for the 12″ single release.

In 1989, Selena released her first and only album “Timebomb”. It included all the previous singles, plus a new one, the ballad “And My Heart Beats”. Sadly, it didn’t reach the success of the previous ones.

Selena said that “And My Heart Beats” was a turning point in her career. She wanted to show people that she was able to sing ballads too, not just dance music. Sadly, the fans didn’t agree and her 1990 single “Time After Time” flopped.

Selena said in interviews that she had almost finished working on a second album and that it was supposed to be released in October 1990. However, the release was cancelled and the album remains unreleased to this day. Selena released her final single “Hit Me With Your Lovin'” in 1991. It didn’t chart.

Will we ever get to hear Selena’s second album? Only time will tell. However, Selena still has a big fan following, all over Europe, especially among euro disco lovers.

© Dennis Alexis Hellström