My thoughts on So What

I first heard of So What in 2001 when I started collecting Swedish music magazines from the eighties. It was actually Jesper’s good looks that caught my attention, and the fact that the magazines compared the duo’s music to the sound of my favourite producers Stock Aitken Waterman.

A couple of weeks later I finally found their song “I Was Lucky” on a compilation CD and fell in love with their dance-pop sound. I looked hard and finally found both of their albums on CD and they are an important part of my record collection.

So What can be compared to PWL acts Shooting Party, Blue Mercedes and Big Fun, only with better vocals. “Face Yourself” is definately their best album, though I like both of them. I also enjoy Jesper’s solo singles.

My favourite So What songs are “I Was Lucky”, “Won’t Somebody Tell Me?”, “No One”, “Why Should I Trust You”, “I Can’t Believe” and “How Many Times”.