Stéphanie – Besoin


Album – Vinyl Edition (1986)

1. Flash
2. Rendez-Vous
3. Young Ones Everywhere
4. Ouragan
5. Fleurs Du Mal (À Paul)
6. Dis Tout Bas Dis
7. Live Your Life
8. Le Sega Mauricien
9. Besoin

Notes: The album was also released in a different edition called “Live Your Life”, which included English versions of some songs.

Album – CD Edition (1986)

1. Besoin
2. One Love To Give
3. Rendez-Vous
4. Young Ones Everywhere
5. Ouragan
6. Fleurs Du Mal (À Paul)
7. Live Your Life
8. Le Sega Mauricien (Remix)
9. Flash
10. How Can It Be
11. Irresistible
12. I’m Waiting For You
13. Dance With Me (Remix)
14. One Love To Give (Remix)

Notes: The CD edition was later reissued many times by low budget labels, using different covers and titles, for example “Ouragan”, “Rendez-Vous”, “Dance With Me” and “Stephanie – Essential Masters”.