Stéphanie – Live Your Life


Album – Vinyl Edition (1986)

1. Live Your Life
2. I’m Waiting For You
3. Dance With Me
4. Le Sega Mauricien
5. Young Ones Everywhere
6. One Love To Give
7. How Can It Be
8. Irresistible
9. Besoin

Notes: This version of “Besoin” is titled “Live Your Life”, although the title is only mentioned on the spine and the label of the record. It includes English versions of some of the songs from “Besoin”. In Germany, this album was simply titled “Stéphanie”.

Album – CD Edition (1986)

1. Besoin
2. One Love To Give
3. Rendez-Vous
4. Young Ones Everywhere
5. Ouragan
6. Fleurs Du Mal (À Paul)
7. Live Your Life
8. Le Sega Mauricien (Remix)
9. Flash
10. How Can It Be
11. Irresistible
12. I’m Waiting For You
13. Dance With Me (Remix)
14. One Love To Give (Remix)

Notes: The tracklist of the CD edition is identical to the CD edition of “Besoin”, but has different artwork.