My thoughts on Stéphanie

I started listening to Stéphanie sometime in 2001-2002, when a friend gave me an eighties compilation CD. It featured the Stéphanie tracks “One Love To Give”, “Rendez-Vous” and “Young Ones Everywhere”. I instantly fell in love with the electronic euro disco/italo disco sound and Stéphanie’s gentle voice.

A couple of years later I managed to track down both of Stéphanie’s albums on CD, and though I like them both, my favourite is “Besoin” from 1986, since the sound is more electronic than on the 1991 “Stéphanie” album. My favourite track on the second album is “Winds Of Chance”.

I wish Stéphanie would’ve continued doing electronic pop music. Sure, she isn’t the best singer in the world, but her soft voice is perfect for italo disco music and French ballads.

My favourite Stéphanie tracks are “One Love To Give”, “Irresistible”, “Dance With Me”, “Live Your Life” and “Young Ones Everywhere”. I love the French versions too!