Sweet Connection biography

Sweet Connection was a German euro disco/italo disco duo created by Luis Rodríguez, best known for producing tracks together with Dieter Bohlen for Modern Talking, Blue System, C.C. Catch and New Baccara.

The duo was originally fronted by German born model Inge Schaubschläger and American born June LaVonne. The latter was the former lead singer of German girl group The Pinups, and also had released singles using the alias Bonnie Benedict.

Sweet Connection released their debut single “Need Your Passion” in 1988 and it became a club hit in Europe. The success continued with the follow-up single “Dirty Job” released later the same year.

But suddenly, June and Inge were replaced by two new girls called Billy Joe and Sue Dixey. The first single released by the new line-up was “Heart To Heart” in 1989, followed by “Love Bites” in 1990. Sadly, the girls split up after that. But Sweet Connection’s music is still played in clubs and have been included on several italo disco compilations over the years.

Due to lack of material, Sweet Connection never released an official album. But in 2008, independent record label DWS Records released a compilation CD called “Need Your Passion”. It features all of Sweet Connection’s singles plus rare remixes.

June Lavonne is still active in the music industry and also works as an artist. You can find out more about her arts and music on June’s official website. If you know what the other girls are doing today, please let me know and I’ll update the biography.

© Dennis Alexis Hellström